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My 5 Favourite Blog Posts This Month

My 5 Favourite Blog Posts This Month

I’ve come across some fantastic blogs on Bloglovin’ and Twitter this month, and some posts have really stuck with me. Some of these were written a little while back but hey, as long as I read them this month, it counts right? So here you go, my favourite blog posts:

The Art of Being Alone by Megan Jean

Megan’s Twitter feed is literally perfection, and I love her blog too. This post is all about life when you’re happily single which seems to be an alien concept for some people, because apparently if you’re single then you absolutely must be searching for a long-term relationship. You also must apparently be aching for your friends to set you up, but that’s a whole other rant… Anyway, I came across this post two days after my friend’s boyfriend broke up with her and it was the perfect pick me up to show her that single life really isn’t so bad.

Being alone does not equal lonely. Being single does not mean desperately searching for Mr Right.

Why You Should Pursue Your Dream by The Lovelier Days

Gotta say, I don’t really do the whole inspirational thing – there’s gotta be some cynical miseries in the world, after all! However, this is one inspirational post I really like as it acknowledges that actually pursuing your dreams can be hard, and isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone; there will be hurdles along the way, but pushing yourself out of your comfort zone could be the start of something great.

It may go against everything you’ve been taught to follow, but not everyone is meant to follow the same straight and narrow path.

It’s OK to Stay at Home by Mini Adventures

I relate so much to this blog post! I try to go on as many trips as I can despite working full time, and have already fitted in Sofia, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Cologne, Florence, Bologna and Barcelona in this year (they have been whistle-stop tours, I’m definitely not saying I’ve seen everything those places have to offer…). Yes I would love to travel more, and heck traveling full time for a job?! Of course that’s the dream! It’s not happening right now though, so it’s even more important to notice and enjoy the little things that happen as well as just jetting off here there and everywhere.

Particularly in the world of travel blogging, it’s easy to feel like you’d be looked down on if you’re not giving up your job, selling all your worldly possessions and jetting around Asia with a new bed and new bunch of friends every week

5 Reasons to Stay Single in Your Early 20s by Laura Reflected

Laura’s is another Twitter account that I love, and her blog posts about dating are brilliant. I especially like this one though, as it’s a completely frank look at the ways that relationships can sometimes hold you back from being yourself at a time when you should have the freedom to do all of the things you want to do. Going into my twenties newly single was the best thing that could’ve happened to me, and this post reminds me of all of the great things I have done that I wouldn’t have been able to if I was with someone.

Get drunk every night and have sex with beautiful strangers. Change jobs 4 times a year because you’re not really sure what you want to do with your life yet. Do all the things I never did and then email me to tell me about it so I can live vicariously through you.

Ten Career Lessons I’ve Learnt So Far by Sophie Cliff

I love reading blogs by other twentysomethings, and this post from Sophie is full of brilliant advice to get by in the world of work. I completely agree with a lot of them and it’s great that her tips are things she’s genuinely picked up along the way, rather than the same old stuff you see time and time again in women’s magazines…

One of my first bosses gave me a piece of advice that I’ve always remembered – she asked me whether I’d rather be respected for doing a great job, even if that meant being tough now and then, or liked for always giving everybody an easy pass.

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