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Why I Love Small Gigs: Autumn Ruin

Why I Love Small Gigs: Autumn Ruin

I love small gigs. Yes there might something cool about going to a sell-out arena tour of a top-selling artist, but there’s no beating the intimacy that you only get at a little venue – it’s all about the music, the way is should be; no excessive costume changes, no backing dancers, and certainly no hiding behind a fancy set or a host of flashy lights to mask the fact that they’re not actually very good without autotune.

Autumn Ruin: Goodbye Rob

After securing tickets a while back for Manchester based alt-rock band Autumn Ruin’s single launch show at Thousand Island, London, this weekend had been in the calendar for some time. All wasn’t as it seemed though, and the announcement soon followed that the show would also be bassist Rob Lafferty’s last, so all thoughts of the new single flew out of the window.

Despite ending up at the wrong gig to begin with (not the first time) and, of course, a little late, we arrived to see support act Victory Lane doing their thing before the AR guys took to the stage. After performing their most popular songs including We Make Our Own Damn Luck, Forgive/Forget and my favourite Tales, their final song, a melodic cover of Bring Me The Horizon’s Drown, even brought some fans to tears.

It says something when you can go and see a band numerous times and not get bored of hearing the same songs over again…


It’s the connection with the audience though that is one of the best things about small gigs, and the camaraderie that you get in the crowd; you all have an instant connection because of whoever it is that is up on that stage, and amazing friendships have been made at small gigs for this very reason. The amount of people on my Twitter feed who I only know because of bands always makes me smile, and I love knowing that there’s people across the country that I’m connected to just because of live music – people I see time and time again, people I’ve had great nights out with, and people who are now a big part of my life.

Show Your Support

So I guess what I’m trying to say is go to that small gig. Go and support the band that isn’t up there with the big boys, but will probably put on a much better show because they simply love what they do. Those small bands work hard, put in the effort themselves and truly appreciate the support they get.

Go, meet people, and have the best night – oh, and if you have the chance, go to an Autumn Ruin show. Just don’t order mushrooms on your pizza, because for some reason they think that’s weird.

Why I Love Small Gigs: Autumn Ruin

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  • Isabelle Collins

    Never heard of this band but I completely agree with this post, I love the feeling of small gigs! x


    • Ah I’m so glad you agree, I was writing it wondering if it made sense to anyone other than me! X

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