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Little Mix certainly brought the Power to Caldicot Castle (sorry, couldn’t resist…)

Little Mix at Caldicot Castle

Last night was the long awaited Little Mix ‘Glory Days’ concert at the beautiful Caldicot Castle. After the nightmare of trying to get tickets all those months ago, it seemed like we’d been waiting an age…

The Venue

Tucked away in South Wales, Caldicot Castle probably isn’t the first place that springs to mind when you think of a concert venue; the gig wasn’t actually in the Castle grounds (unlike their ever popular Cider Festival – oh, the memories of attending that last year!) but rather a field nearby. I couldn’t fault it though, and the sun setting with the castle in the background really did add a little extra (black) magic to the show. I will stop with the Little Mix puns in a minute, promise.

The only downside is something that has irked me before – parking. More specifically, having to pay for it when you’ve already forked out for a ticket that wasn’t particularly cheap. It had a pretty hefty price tag of £15 if you didn’t book in advance, and even if you did pre-book they also tried to add on a sneaky maintenance donation which I wasn’t impressed with.

Little Mix at Caldicot Castle

The Support

Support came in the form of Australian band Sheppard and X Factor winner Louisa Johnson, performing hits such as Geronimo, Tears and So Good. Their sets didn’t go on forever which is always a plus, and the crowd really seemed to take to both of them – Johnson’s voice sounded just like it did on her studio tracks, her covers of Love Yourself and Shape of You were on point and I think she won a fair few fans last night.

The Band

A little bit later than scheduled, Little Mix came out to thunderous applause and for very good reason; their performance was full of polished vocals, energetic dance routines, cute interactions and none of the ‘keep leaving the stage every ten minutes’ rubbish that a lot of stars seem to enjoy (yes I’m looking at you, Rihanna).

The effort put into their latest singles such as Power, Touch and of course grand finale Shout Out to My Ex matched the energy that came with Black Magic, Wings and especially Hair – a truly girl-power fuelled hit that resonated with the few audience members who were over 13. Power ballad Secret Love Song stood out as a testament to their vocal ability, whilst higher tempo Salute proved to be an easy crowd favourite. Having said that, they did lose a bit of that credit by repeatedly shouting out the wrong town name…

It was the passion that they put into the show that truly made them stand out from some other bands, even if a few of the dance moves were probably best described as ‘dry humping’ and may have been a little inappropriate for their teeny-bopper audience. I would definitely go and see them again, and it was certainly a lovely way to spend a Thursday evening.

Little Mix at Caldicot Castle

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  • Jennifer Lee Smith

    Sounds like it was a great show!

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