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2017: My Travel Diary

Wow. 2017. Gone. I don’t know about you, but for me this year has absolutely flown by! It’s been my absolute favourite year for travelling though, and I’ve fitted in seven trips to eight countries:


Four days in Sofia, Bulgaria. I had no idea what to expect when I booked this trip, but I had a great time! The city had a lot more going for it that it gets credit for, and I’m very glad I went. My hostel was amazing, there’s some fantastic day trips and the temperatures were even warm enough for me to wander around in a vest top. Winning.

2017: My Travel Diary


Weekend in Weymouth, UK. My friend and I headed to Dorset for the Teddy Rocks Festival, but then absolutely had to spend a couple of days in the beautiful coastal resort of Weymouth seeing as though we were pretty close by. I often forget how nice it is to have a weekend away in the UK, and it really did me good!


Two weeks in Netherlands, Germany and Italy. It was my first time visiting Netherlands so I headed to Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht, before heading back to Germany to explore Cologne. Then it was onto Bologna which I’d heard amazing things about, my all time favourite Florence (just as amazing the second time around), and a final rather unsuccessful final stop off in Milan. There were some low points on that trip from me being an absolute idiot and losing my passport in the airport to having my purse and bank cards stolen, but I have some really good memories too.

2017: My Travel Diary


Barcelona! This is in close competition with Florence for title of my favourite city and, despite going on three trips there, there’s still so much I want to go back and do. I even got to see FC Barca take on Real Madrid at Camp Nou with some guys from the hostel this time, finally made it to the beach and drank even more mojitos than last year. I honestly couldn’t have had a better holiday!


My first ever trip across the Irish Channel to Dublin, and my first non-solo trip of the year. The bestie and I explored the city (and the pubs), pretended to be Vikings for a day, and made new friends with the people in our room who were the best dormmates you could ever ask for. It was a very random affair, but seriously good fun.


Ten days in Poland, booked on a whim when I realised Ryanair were selling three flights (there, back and one internal flight in the middle) for £45. It was my second trip to the country but my first to Warsaw, Krakow and Gdansk. I almost skipped Warsaw based on what I’d read on the internet, but I’m so glad I didn’t; the city was really interesting, it was incredibly budget friendly, and I met amazing people in the hostel – so much so that I didn’t get back in until 5am every morning because we were all having such a good time enjoying the nightlife! Krakow was beautiful and I finally went to Auschwitz, which was hard-hitting but a truly life-changing experience. I didn’t have too much time in Gdansk unfortunately and had a bad experience with my dormmates (who seriously thinks it’s OK to come into a 12 bed dorm shouting and turning all the lights on at 2am?!), but it again seemed like a lovely city with a vibe that was very different to the first two.

2017: My Travel DiaryI also managed to fit in another long weekend in Dublin. Yep, we booked a return trip on the last day of our first visit! This time around was a much more chilled affair, as we’d already seen everything we wanted to the first time. We lounged, had leisurely lunches, wandered, enjoyed the pub culture, and had a really nice little break.


Three days in Vilnius. Six of us from work headed to the Lithuanian capital for a long weekend full of snow, food and beautiful scenery. It was the perfect mini trip, although I do wish I’d had an extra day of two to explore everything the city has to offer – I guess I’ll just have to go back, won’t I…

2017: My Travel Diary

Where’s the best place you visited in 2017? Let me know in the comments!


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