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September Plans

September Plans

I am not OK with the fact that it is almost September – where on Earth has this year gone?! I’m really looking forward to its arrival though as there are so many exciting things on the horizon…


Yes, I’m off to Dublin next weekend! I’ve met so many people in hostels around Europe that can’t believe I’ve never been to Ireland as it’s right on the doorstep, but I’m finally remedying that. My friend and I will be spending a long weekend there and I can’t wait to see what the city has to offer.


Adding to the list of places I’m off to for the first time, I’ll be heading to Manchester for not one but two gigs in one night – the lovely guys in Autumn Ruin (read what I had to say about them here!) are playing a support set so we’ll have to check them out, then it’s quickly off to the Academy to watch The Maine. It’ll be another lovely weekend with great music, lots of food and a glass of wine or two, which I’m really looking forward to.

Broome Farm Cider Festival

Now and again there are some perks to working for a charity, and this year we’ve been invited back to Broome Farm to benefit from their cider festival – definitely a perk. After manning a tombola we’ll be free to explore the farm, enjoy the bands and sample a few of their delicious (but strong) ciders. There are certainly worse jobs…

Work Promotion

Talking of work, I’ve been offered a promotion! From September, my job title will officially be ‘Office Manager’, which sounds very fancy and important doesn’t it?! My job description will also be a little different so I’m excited for the new challenge and seeing what this new role will entail.

The Blog

I have lots of posts in the pipeline that I’m really looking forward to writing – there’s some about recent trips, some about life in general and some about the modern minefield that is internet dating. I’m really keen to put some more time into the blog as life has been a bit mad recently with holidays, work and gigs, but I want to put my planner to good use and make sure I schedule some time to work on things.


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  • Sounds like you’re ready for September! And congrats on the promotion! Ireland is on my must-see list too and will probably be our next big international vacation, so I look forward to reading about your trip to Dublin.

    • Thank you so much! I need to look at some guides to double check what to do there, a few people have given me some recommendations. I will definitely do a post about it…

  • Sounds like you live a busy life! I loved Dublin and the many bridges – enjoy your month, and thanks for sharing

    • I know, it’s going to be quite hectic… Will need a long sleep afterwards!

  • Joie Lee Whittaker

    Dublin and Ireland in general is on my bucket list! Have a great time!

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